Volunteer working days

Volunteer work days are organised up to three months in advance. Details of the dates are sent out to our volunteers and they let us know whether they can attend or not. Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are obliged to re-schedule a volunteer day but all volunteers are informed.

Anyone is more than welcome to come and visit us during volunteer days. You can see what work is being done and if you are happy with what you see, you are more than welcome to put a few coins in our collection box in support of our restoration work. However, in accordance with health and safety requirements, you may not always be able to come and visit inside depending on the work which is being done.

Upcoming volunteer days

Note that if you are intending to pay us a visit on any of those days, may we suggest that you email us at info@bristol-britannia.com to confirm that the working day will be taking place. This will save you a wasted trip should we have had to change the day at the last minute.