Announcement: The funeral of Roger Hargreaves will be a small private service. However there will be a celebration of Rogers life on the 24th November at Brooklands Museum to which all will be welcomed. Please contact Dena Swift at denaswift@btinternet.com if you intend to come.

April 1951 - September 2016 

Some folk are thought to have something in their veins that just drives them to great lengths to follow their dream. Roger Hargreaves had aviation and his beloved Britannia Charlie Fox running through his veins. 
I first met Roger one day down at Kemble where Charlie Fox was being stored with the Bristol collection. It was a special meeting in as much I renewed my acquaintance with an aircraft that I had worked on in the sixties when it was with British Eagle but also to meet up for the first time with Roger. His enthusiasm for the restoration project of Charlie Fox was beyond doubt. It has been many years since it was saved from the fire dump at Manston airport. The aircraft was eventually moved to various airfields in an effort to save it. It was before it left Kemble airfield that it came the closest to being scrapped.  Roger’s determination to save the aircraft would not allow him to give up on the project. 
I recall the night he called to say he had found at last a site for the aircraft. It was to go to Speke, Liverpool (the old hunting ground of British Eagle) with the help of what was then the Jet Stream Club. As the aircraft, (which arrived in three parts) was reassembled, Roger was now in a very positive mood. Yet, it was to be a time of many difficulties but his determination never flagged. Roger was deeply saddened by the passing of Mike Bates his co-worker on the project from the start. However his enthusiasm and determination never waned.   
In employment  Roger worked for a number of airlines and in general aviation. He was considered by many a professional in his work. He held the record of being the shortest serving employee when he started work for British Eagle;  he joined the company on the day that it went into liquidation! He operated his own company Proteus Aero Services in the early days which was involved in the saving of several aircraft that are still around today.
We, the team who work on Charlie Fox, will seek to continue the progress of its restoration and will not give up. Roger a few weeks ago was planning how the future would fan out without him
Roger will truly be missed not only as a friend but one who dreamed the impossible dream. We will continue to make that dream  become a reality. 
We send our love and deepest sympathy to his wife Sally and Angel.
It has been suggested that people might like to make a donation towards the restoration of Charlie Fox in Roger's memory. You can make a donation through this site.
Eric Tarrant 
on behalf of all the trustees and supporters

We are currently restoring Bristol Britannia aircraft G-ANCF Charlie Fox at the former passenger terminal at Speke in Liverpool.


The Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust is in full swing restoring one of the last few remaining Britannia aircraft in the world.

Our key targets 2016 is:
  • The aircraft paint-stripped, primed and 'wrapped' in its 1964 British Eagle livery when the aircraft operated out of Liverpool Speke Airport. 'Wrapping' is a method which uses vinyl sheets to create the complete aircraft livery. There is no need for paint. The livery produced in this fashion should last up to 20-30 years. It is also more economical than paint and more environmental friendly. As the aircraft is outside permanently in a public space, it is not possible to spray paint it. Using rollers to paint the aircraft would not give the finish we require, and the paint work may need touching up every five years or so.
The entire project relies on the kind donations of time, materiel and funds by businesses and individuals who would like to see Charlie Fox back on its feet and standing proudly at its original British Eagle home at Speke, South Liverpool.

Our fundraising target for the above work is £7,500!
We are really focusing on reaching our target by the end of summer 2016. We welcome all help with funds, with time or with materiel.

This is how much we will need to complete the paint stripping, priming, get a specialist firm in to do the wrapping,

We would like to not only thank everyone in the Liverpool and surrounding areas who attend the annual Speke Air Fair in June and who give us their support by putting coins in our collection box but also every individual and business, local and national, who has donated to the project, in one form or another, in the past and presently.

Please visit our Help Us pages to read about different ways you can help the project.


Please see our acknowledgement page for a full list of sponsors of, and contributors to, the Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust: