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We are currently restoring Bristol Britannia aircraft G-ANCF Charlie Fox at the former passenger terminal at Speke in Liverpool.



The Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust is in full swing restoring one of the last few remaining Britannia aircraft in the world.

Our key targets for the next 12 months are:
  • The aircraft paint-stripped, primed and 'wrapped' in its 1964 British Eagle livery when the aircraft operated out of Liverpool Speke Airport. 'Wrapping' is a method which uses vinyl sheets to create the complete aircraft livery. There is no need for paint. The livery produced in this fashion should last up to 20-30 years. It is also more economical than paint and more environmental friendly. As the aircraft is outside permanently in a public space, it is not possible to spray paint it. Using rollers to paint the aircraft would not give the finish we require, and the paint work may need touching up every five years or so.
  • The riveting  around the central frames and wingbox completed, followed by the aircraft lifted up onto modified or custom-made trestles so that restoration on the lower part of the fuselage can take place and for the main undercarriage to be re-attached.
The entire project relies on the kind donations of time, materiel and funds by businesses and individuals who would like to see Charlie Fox back on its feet and standing proudly at its original British Eagle home at Speke, South Liverpool.

Our fundraising target for the above work is £25,000!!

This is how much we will need to complete the paint stripping, priming, get a specialist firm in to do the wrapping, obtain custom-made trestles, complete the riveting and lift the aircraft onto the trestles by a crane company.

We would like to not only thank everyone in the Liverpool and surrounding areas who attend the annual Speke Air Fair in June and who give us their support by putting coins in our collection box but also every individual and business, local and national, who has donated to the project, in one form or another, in the past and presently.

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