What is happening in 2019?

This year we will be focussing on the repair and restoration of the wings.

The last three years have been spent taking the fuselage back to bare metal, sealing off any leaks and installing new trestles.

It is now time to turn our attention to the wings. The upper surfaces are in a reasonable state. We have begun to clean the leading edges, main surfaces and nacelles before treating them with a penetrating, protective oil.

Unfortunately, while the aircraft was stored, the wings were sat on a grass surface which has led to significant corrosion in some places on the undersides. Again, these these will be cleaned and treated with the protective oil to arrest the decay, but we will need to source replacement panels in a small number of instances.
If you feel you could help in some way, with your time, materiel or funding, please get in touch. We welcome all help that can progress the restoration in some fashion. 


We are currently restoring Bristol Britannia aircraft G-ANCF Charlie Fox at the former passenger terminal at Speke in Liverpool.


The entire project relies on the kind donations of time, materiel and funds by businesses and individuals who would like to see Charlie Fox back on its feet and standing proudly at its original British Eagle home at Speke, South Liverpool.

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