Sunday, 2 December 2018

Volunteer Working Day 26 November 2018

Today, we focused our attention and work on making the fuselage as watertight as possible for the winter. To accomplish this in the limited time available, we decided to use a large roll of aluminium speed tape kept on board. Speed tape being an amazing product and very effective in the aviation industry, for small temporary repairs etc.

We found the most effective means of finding any holes was to simply switch the lights out, and then look for any daylight. The water ingress inside the cabin is due to a number of reasons, such as rivets, panels, fairings and panels which are missing and/or are not currently fitted, deteriorating seals, or previous patches that have cracked or ripped. The following photos give an example of various areas which have had some decay in seal etc. 

The speed tape has allowed for temporary but workable repairs until we can undertake permanent repairs. 

We started work on the port side and roof, finishing on the starboard. We believe that all of the obvious holes in the fuselage have now been covered, and we just need to do the same to the fin area. Having looked up inside the fin area, there appears to be very few holes, so hopefully this shouldn't take very long. 
Also during the day we tidied up the area around the aircraft a bit more. This involved moving an old broken trestle stored under the fuselage, just behind the wing trailing edge, to the rubbish pile in the corner of the site. The new smaller trestle that had been kept next to the starboard rear fuselage, was re-positioned underneath it, just behind the last trestle.

Once spring 2019 arrives (winter has come and gone yet), we will be able to plan more permanent repairs to prevent further water ingress.


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