Sunday, 11 November 2018

Saturday 3rd Nov 18, volunteer working day update and photos

During the day work progressed on ascertaining the condition of the forward hold, underneath the floorboards.  The good news is that water was not found under all floorboards. The water ingress appears to be localised to underneath the main entry door. It was therefore decided no more floor boards in this hold would be lifted but some drain holes were created in the water ingress area. A number of items were discovered under the floor boards in the hold area, and it is very much a case of “guess the part”. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The other task of the day was sorting out the spanners into their respective types and sizes. Those in good condition will be kept, but we propose that those in poor condition be disposed of. A future task will be to do the same process with the sockets. There a number of metric tools, but these may not be needed for the Britannia as all measurements are in inches and feet.

Work is continuing in sorting out the numerous parts and tools, some in good condition, some in not so good condition, and deciding what is to be done with them.

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