Sunday, 30 September 2018

Restoration of the aircraft's tailplane

The most recent work has taken place on the tailplane which was moved from its location near the containers behind the aircraft to a more appropriate position nearer the aircraft. Some restoration was done on the tailplane about 6 years ago. However, it began to once again deteriorate due to the weather. The restoration had not been completed fully at the time and only some part of the tailplane had been properly primed, thus avoiding any further damage.

Now that it is in its new position, restoration work has once again begun. This involved first of all giving it a good rubbing down with Scotch-Brite as well as wet and dry, again systematically soaked in diluted sugar soap. Once the rubbing down was completed, the pressure washer was used to wash that area of the tailplane, then the process started again on another area (see photos below). At the end of the day the top surface (really the underside) had been done, as well as the curved rear surface. The leading edge 
on the left half has been completed, while on the right only a small test area was done. The photos below demonstrate the on-going work done in August.

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