Sunday, 30 September 2018

Radome update

In June this year, it was decided to replace the radome fitted to the aircraft, with a spare we had that was in better condition. This was due to the fact the original only had 1 working fastener to secure it in place whereas in the case of the spare, all 4 fasteners were functional. 

In order to remove the radome, it was necessary to soak the aforementioned fastener in WD 40, then unlock it with a screwdriver. This revealed that the radar/scanner  was indeed still fitted in its original position (see photos below). Surprisingly, it was in good condition, and could even be moved around by hand.

It just so happened that the spare radome was fitted with a metal hinge, which the original hadn't. We deduced that this was to allow it to hinge upwards, rather than have the radome come off completely like the original. The nuts and bolts necessary to connect the hinge to the corresponding bulkhead fitting were actually still in place. After tightening these with some spanners, we were able to open the radome as had been designed to. As the seal around the bulkhead had dried out over time, grease was applied to it to try and provide a better seal. At the end of the day the new radome was refitted, and secured in place by locking the fasteners, as seen below.

All in all, a very good day’s work!!

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