Thursday, 16 July 2015

Latest Photos for June 2015

On Saturday 27th of June 2015, a friend of BAPT visited Speke with the view of taking a bunch of high-resolution, professional photographs for the website, our Facebook page and for general use. The result is very good and there are some great shots of the engine exhausts, the volunteers, the interior floor boards which we have been restoring, the cockpit etc.

We hope you enjoy those photos as much as we have!

Right wing and engine cowling
Newly paint-stipped nose

The nose from a different angle

Left wing and engine cowlings with Hangar 1 in the background

Inward left wing

Pitot probe

Side view with original Speke terminal (now hotel) in the background

Engine exhaust

Rear fuselage

Cockpit restoration has gone very well.

Our volunteers at work.

Our volunteers at work treating the floor rails.

Restoration of original floor boards has been moving well.

One of our younger volunteers on his lunch break!

All our volunteers on the day.

Another one of our volunteers on the day.

Very sleek exhaust.