Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Plans for Charlie Fox in 2015

This year 2015 started well with further progress on the floor boards and on the paint-stripping, and the main undercarriage finally restored. Volunteers are also working on cleaning up the undercarriage doors from any surface corrosion and they are looking pristine!

Our key targets for 2015, before winter sets in, are:
  • The aircraft paint-stripped and re-painted in its 1964 British Eagle livery when the aircraft operated out of Liverpool Speke airport.
  • The aircraft lifted up onto trestles and its main undercarriage, which has just been refurbished, re-attached.
There are some sub-targets we must achieve before we can lift the aircraft:
  • Locating and securing two aircraft trestles and to be used when lifting and shoring the aircraft.
  • Transporting the refurbished undercarriage from Betley in Cheshire to Speke.
  • Securing urgent funding for a good quality compressor to use in riveting the centre fuselage. We cannot lift the aircraft until the riveting is completed.
  • Securing urgent funding or sponsorship for crane and/or airbags equipment and operators to actually carry out the lifting operation.
If you can help us with the above in any way, either through donating funds, materiel or services, volunteering or sponsoring us, or if you know of anyone with a skill set which matches the above requirement and who would like to help, please contact us by emailing