Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Progress in 2014

In the past couple of years, progress has been slower than expected due mainly to funding issues and poor weather in Liverpool which would often hinder the outdoor work.

However, in 2014, work inside the cabin progressed well with a good section of the original floor boards sanded and varnished in deep mahogany and the floor board frames cleaned, including existing corrosion removed and then treated with etch primer. The tail plane was also cleaned up and painted with a primer and then top coat. It is sat peacefully near the aircraft waiting its turn to be re-attached. The cockpit restoration has progressed well with most of the instrumentation now in place.

Original floor boards sanded and varnished
Painted tailplane

Cockpit progress
Most importantly, the aircraft fuselage paint stripping is almost complete. This has been slow due to the weather. Regardless of how many volunteer days were organised during 2014, if the temperature was not high enough, or the weather turned bad, we could not get on with the work. Then winter arrived…