Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Future of Bristol Britannia G-ANCF

The Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust have been reviewing the future of the project after the loss of our Chief Engineer, Mick Bates. This has come as a great blow to the Trustees both personally and to the continuation of the project.

After investigation it has been decided that the only way forward is to employee skilled personal to help move the project forward. This of course will cost the Trust considerably more money than they expected to be paying out at this time. It is the view of the Trust that we need to get the aircraft up on its undercarriage before the end of this summer. This we hope will attract more sponsorship and interest. The main items that are required to accomplish this is the finishing of the main two fuselage joins and the preparation and installation of all the undercarriages.

As a Trust we feel that the project must continue so that it will stand as a tribute to our former Chief Engineer.
We estimate that it will cost in the region of £10,000 to cover all the costs to get aircraft up on its wheels. If you want to see Britannia CF restored. We need your help please and are appealing to you for donation, however large or small to see this unique aircraft restoration project completed.

Cheques should be sent to the BAPT at 12 Northway, Lewes, Sussex BN7 1DS. For further details contact Roger Hargreaves telephone 01273-476283 or email Britboss1 (at)

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